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April 8, 2016
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Man’s best friend?

Sadly, not everyone treats their dog as Man’s best friend. We were lucky enough to recently adopt another rescued dog through The Company of Dogs Charity based in Jersey. She is the most beautiful, amazing, grateful little character, who brings so much love and fun to our family. This little girl was found dumped in a roadside dustbin in Spain, probably minutes away from death with the intense heat and possibility of the trucks coming to empty the bins. Luckily for her, and us, she was heard by a passer by and taken to a kill station. From there, as one of the lucky ones, she was handpicked by a volunteer from The Company of Dogs, where she started her journey to her carefully selected home for life.

Please, if you are considering a dog as an addition to your family, visit a local dog rescue charity and help to save the life of a gorgeous innocent animal. With a reputable charity they are all health checked and fully vaccinated. With pure breed puppies so often being bred in appauling conditions on puppy farms, or being transported illegally from various countries, many of which dying along the way or later on due to illnesses, rescued dogs makes so much sense as well as bringing such a sense of satisfaction to know that you have saved the dog from death.

If you are not looking to adopt but could consider helping to save the lives of animals from the kill stations, please donate to our highly recommended charity below:

The Company of Dogs Charity

The Company of Dogs (CoD) is a Jersey based non-profit organisation that is committed to rescuing dogs from kill stations and pounds in Spain. Dogs in Spain are treated as mere commodities, which means that thousands of loving, sweet dogs lose their lives unnecessarily every month. CoD’s aim is to not only spare the lives of these dogs but to also offer an alternative to buying from a back yard breeder or puppy farm.

To get ‘stuff’ done CoD is reliant on volunteers to offer support to potential adoptors before, during and after the adoption process, offer foster homes and of course raise much needed funds to keep the organisation going.

To find out more about CoD’s work find them on Facebook, alternatively if you would like to find out how you can help, please contact CoD by email [email protected]

Donations greatly appreciated:

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